Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beautiful sites and challenging rides

The group really got a chance to see how well the adventure bikes can do off road

As we moved up in elevation the trails quickly added a bit more of a challenge.

Coming up on this tree was an indication the trail could get challenging, we decided to unload the bikes of the heavy gear before attempting crossing over it, some stacked branches made quick work of the obstacle and we were on our way, a bit more impressed with our bikes.

Snow was next, and crossing this, took a light hand on the throttle, as one jab of the throttle would burry  the bike in the snow.

With a little help from friends the bike was on to the next drift

We found that you could actually ease the bike across the top of the snow if you picked the right line and stayed off the gas, the rest of the group made it across this and every other snow crossing we came across with out insidant 
This is one area where the heads of the BMW can slow your progress, or send you off balance a bit if your not cautious, while slipping my way butween two snow banks my left cylinder hit the snow/ice and nearly pushed me over to the right, it did not take me a second time to be a bit more aware of my path and clearance!

We all had a great time working our way through this section, and found a new respect fit the big heavy adventure bikes!