Thursday, May 1, 2014

The new route

Just two weeks out and the rout is in the final stage, at a high level this is the plan

Day 1 – Tehachapi CA.
Day 2 - Tehachapi to Zion via Las Vegas.
Day 3 - Zion to Grand Canyon area via Vermilian National Monument. Camp on Mesa
Day 4 - Grand Canyon area to Monument Valley stopping in at Navajo Mational Monument. staying in Mexican Hat
Day 5 - ***On UTBDR route*** -Mexican Hat to Monicello via Blanding. Camp in Monticello area
Day 6 - Monticello to Moab. Camp in Moab
Day 7 - Moab to Wellington or Price. camp in Wellington or Price area
Day 8 - Wellington or Price area to Strawberry River Area (flowing UTBDR). Camp in Strawberry River area
Day 9 - Head West to Ely Nev. Hotel
Day 10 - Head West to Mammoth Area Camp
Day 11 - (Ride home)

The Detailed maps we e posted soon along with GPS locations, and of course you can follow along by watching the GPS locations (link in side bar) starting late afternoon on the 16th of May.

As final preparations continue the volume of email is at an all-time high, along with the excitement over the trip, the Bikes are ready, checklists are getting checked and packing is underway.

Also we now have our final team count for the trip, SIX, two members dropped out, one due to medical issues and another to Life balance reasons, both good solid decisions, they will both be missed but not forgotten, as they will follow along with our adventure and surely join in the next one

Some photos from the internet (author unknown) sights to see on the trip