Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day One

As I look to tomorrow the first day of our Adventure, I'm having difficulty thinking of anything else, I just want to be on the road!
last minute preparations seem to be lining up well for the group, Tim is in from Alaska and has a little time to look over his bike for any last minute adjustments prior to departure.
Our plan for day one is all about leaving town and meeting up for our travels together, with Just 280 miles to our first destination there are few concerns with the day other than HEAT and traffic! we will depart in the heat of the Day about 1 PM looking forward to dinner together in Tehachapi.
hear is a look at our map for the day.

Today turned out to be an eventfull day! For Tim, first order of business was to replace some rear wheel bearings, and one member of the group nearly ran out of gas headed for the meeting place, then the fist flat of the trip. This all before meeting up for the day with the full group, and we were quite suprised when everyone made the meeting place on time! We must have a great pit crew on this trip.

The day was great fun meeting up and re connecting with everyone, we are all looking forward to tomorrow's ride to Zion with a quick stop in Vegas.