Monday, May 19, 2014

Day Three

Zion to grand cayon.

The ride out of Zion is absolutely amazing, though much like an amusement park their are shuttles and lots of tourist from all over the world. We made just two stops to take photos and just realed the rest in.

 as we find for the rest of the day, much of this part of the world needs to be experienced to understand its full glory, and I struggle to get a shot that can sow you how amazing the views are.

We take our first two off road sections today, and break our first rule of business, by picking up bikes before picking up the camera, and miss some good drop the bike shots, four members of the group drop their bikes today in the deep sand of a sort denture for a lunch stop, and one spill that break a mear off the bmw 650, no one got hurt and a few lessons were learnd in the process.

Getting out to the Grand Canyon was an excellent adventure on its own, a zig zag maze of trails roads cross this part of the contry with no signs or any indication of where they might lead, we pick the right ones and end up in an amazing place.
Hear are some shots along the trail and more of our amazing site along the rim, oh what a site!

We all like to take pictures !

Ok now for the money shots, I still can't bulive we had the extreme privilege to camp hear for the night

Yes the trail was worth it!

The stars were amazing too!