Monday, May 19, 2014

Day Four

Grand Canyon to Mexican Hat.

Leaving the spectacular views of the Grand Canyon was a little tough and we all had the feeling "how can we top this" the trip in was a little challenging for a few and trepidation was the order of the day/morning.

We captured a few shots with the morning sun and we were off to wind our way back to the highway, this path out seems a bit more direct with one long zig zag to keep on the more well traveled paths, you can see this path on the side bar, click on GPS tracks they will be avalible for 7 days. (Just look for the first tracks leading away from the Grand Canyon ( I would highly recommend the visit to this area, get a permit from the Navaho nation and expect rough roads, if it is wet it wiuld be a real chalange)

Today's path took us through Monument Valley, this was my first visit, and it was quite nice but I would not call it a destination, prity to pass through and the sights sure beat a long empty road!
We arrived in Mexican Hat early and are taking some time to relax and update family and friends on our progress.

Randy relaxing with a cup of Coffee watching the sun color the Canyon!

Tomorrow will be a big day so rest is on the menu !