Thursday, May 29, 2014

Photos and reflections

Getting to this stage of the trip with six riders was an amazing time, around most every corner I would hear someone say, how are we going to top this view or this campsite. And how can you top an epic ride like this..... My kids say epic all the time and at first I thought, don't over use such a meaningful term/ word "epic"
well... Just maybe we should get used to using it more and more... The sites are epic and this time is epic, and if my kids are living an epic life than I am thrilled to be part of it! Yes it is an epic time.

Looking over the photos of newspaper rock I wonder are these people trying to record history, or is this  a way to show all, who care to look, that indeed they were having an epic time.
(Top photo center) I'd say he is shooting that deer in the butt?

As we ride throught valley after valley of amazing sights I keep looking back at the bike that got me hear, the bike 505lbs the rider 185lbs and the gear 111lbs wow! 796lbs, hopping up and down these roads and trails is quite a massive load, and generally speaking this sum was more than any of us would manage on our own if on its side, it's good to have friends! And I would recommend bring a cuple if you do this ride on an adventure bike !

Some final shots were taken as we crossed back in to California and before we would part ways and bring to a close such an excelent trip. We all talked again about what would make for a good next trip..... I thnk we all agreed that we need to explore more of our own backyard and set a rout of exploration in the California back country.. It's easy access and amazing sites still make for an epic ride.

So what's next, well for a big ride I'm looking at Mexico, but for the summer I'm looking at some Dualsport adventure in the back country of California (the new bike is almost compleat, and I'm eager to get out for a ride on it) I am also giving a little thought to the original Colorado rout... Just much later in the summer.