Monday, May 19, 2014

Day Two

Today we road throught the heat of the deserts from Tahatchapi, through Vegas and on to Zion. We crossed through the borders of California, Arizona and Utah as they seemed to just flash by like score cards one after another.

With original intent of capturing each crossing with a photo of the group it was soon obvious a group of six made it dificult to coordinate the effort and the importance seems low compaired to the distraction it clauses other drivers as the groupcongregates on the side of the road way.

The day was uneventful with the exception of two things, Looking for a permanent repair for Jeff's tire ( he plugged it on day one due to a flat) the dealers in Vagas apparently are not allowed to fix flats and instead insist on you purchasing a new tire!
Seeing that this is a new tire for Jeff and a better one than they had to sale him we all opted (at least added our opinion) to add a bit of tier gue to his plugged tire and be on our way.

Next we discovered the fuel range on Joanna's bmw 650, after hitting reserve, she can make 100 miles and stretching it she could reach 120 on pavement, she will need to reach 150 on dirt before the end of the trip! With two 1 liter backup fuel cells and a bit extra from our bikes we are sure to make the distance.

The Zion Watchman camp ground, is a great place to camp, with gravel camping areas, this keeps you and your great clean, they have clean bathrooms and some spectacular views

We hade a great time camping with friends!

Tomorrow we head to the Navaho Nation and I am looking forward to the many sights along the way, I think the photo opertunitys will become a much more prevalent pice of my updates