Friday, May 30, 2014


As you can see our COBDR turned out never to touch Colorado at all.

The plan to ride Colorado was less important to the group than the time we would eventually have together out on an adventure. Our planned time of year was more a part of each individuals time off of work needed to  complete an adventure of this length, so postponing to a time of year that the Colorado back country would be open, just did not seem reasonable.

The adventure we had as a group was excellent, the scenery we experienced brought proportion to just how small we are when compaired to our suroundings, and we all returned with a new apparition of Utah and parts of Arazona.

Riding through Monument Valley, I was un-impressed but the ride through the Valley of the Gods was absolutely amazing, a planned camp there would be a great idea.

Camping on the edge of the Grand Cayon, I'm speechless just trying to describe the amazing beauty of it, (find a way to do this once in your life) as it seemed we were the only soles in a 100 miles, left to enjoy such an amazing spot all on our own!.... Wow

The one photo I feel sets the tone of the trip is this.

Our tents are tethered to the motorcycles to keep them and us from blowing off in to the depths below, (some vary strong winds) helps you understand a shaird dependency between man and machine, our friends and our motorcycles all made this trip a grand adventure, for all to remember.