Thursday, January 30, 2014


This year I will depart on a United States, Lower 48 Adventure in Colorado.

Spending the last four months riding the back roads of California (an amazing place to ride motorcycles) its time to start planning for the next long distance adventure.

During my Ride Alaska Solo trip I decided on a location for my 2014 adventure, “Colorado”

Keeping to the backcountry, less explored areas would be a great way to go, finding dirt roads that connect the State would be amazing, But how?

Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route:

The Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route from Backcountry Discovery Routs (BDR) created a great rout to follow, it is a scenic ride across the state of Colorado, beginning in Four Corners area and finishing at the Wyoming Border nearly 700 miles away and primary roads are dirt! The route has been created specifically for dual-sport and adventure motorcyclists and many have followed this path in the past, and you will find many YouTube videos on the subject as well as a great site created by Backcountry Discovery Routs (BDR) if you are interested in exploring Colorado’s majestic high-mountain ranges and historic mining country this may be the way to go for you as well.

My wife and I did a ride a few years back hitting some of the same iconic locations I will see on this trip, including Telluride, San Juan Mountains, Continental Divide, Collegiate Range, Northern Rocky Mountains and historic Leadville, and some great rides along the Colorado River. We said then, it would be great to see this area from some of the back roads we can see from the highway, this will be that chance!

For this and many trips timing and available schedule are key to a great trip, of course adventure will always include some unpredictable events, for me the selection of the date for this trip may increase the potential for adventure, Late May could find some of the passes overrun with snow or the intensity of rain and real constraint on road choices made, but ye,s this is an adventure and luck is sure to find a way to make this adventure an amazing trip of Sun and fun!

Welcome to a new adventure!

Up next: Maps and Destinations